“Let your community be your testimony” Jaco Strydom

“I endorse James Leduc to be the next Mayor of BWG.

James has worked alongside me for the last 8 years as my Deputy-mayor and his experience and knowledge of the Town has been invaluable.

James has been Chair of the Town’s Economic Development Committee, and he has successfully brought many businesses to our Employment Lands. His knowledge and passion will continue to bring high paying jobs to BWG.

James realizes he is here to work for the residents. He listens and finds solutions to complex issues. His commitment to find efficiencies with your tax dollars will continue.

His experience at Budget time is invaluable.

I know he is ready to step up to be Mayor, and I hope you will support him.”

Rob Keffer (Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury)



“I endorse James Leduc for Mayor. I have known James for 12 years as a resident and a small business owner. He is a great leader of our community. He is always ready to help and give support to anyone.

Community minded, excellent judgement and experienced! This is exactly who we need to be our new mayor. I look forward to seeing the great work and road ahead.”

Rajesh Patel (Business Owner - Bradford, Ontario)



"Cachet Homes / Cachet Developments is a landowner, developer and builder in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury.

We have a completed project at Line 6 and Simcoe Road, as well as an ongoing high-density project at 200 Dissette Street. We have been working in the Town of Bradford since 2016. In that time, we have worked through two large scale Planning Act applications at the above noted, both of which required a public engagement process and multiple revisions to our design plans to arrive at an amenable design for the existing community, Council, and ourselves.

Within those processes, James exuded great leadership and communication with our group. He was vocal in communicating the key items community stakeholders were looking for out of the new developments, as well as educating us on the key objectives and vision of Council for the Town. It was clear in our communications that James had a deep appreciation for his community, and that passion was present not only at Council meetings but in our private conversations as well.

We are fortunate to have witnessed James’ leadership in his current role as Deputy Mayor and look forward to continuing to work with him should he be elected as Mayor.

Marcus Gagliardi (Cachet Development Partners - Land Development Manager)



“I write this to fully endorse James Leduc for the position of Mayor of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury (BWG).

In my eight years as Deputy Mayor and then Mayor of Springwater Township, I have known and worked with James as fellow Simcoe County Councillors. I have been most impressed with his energy and skill to assess situations, analyze them and recommend enlightened options and come to the best conclusions and implementation strategies. He is a good listener, communicator and is responsive to residents’ and other issues and concerns. He also works well with fellow councillors and other stakeholders and interested parties in public affairs.

James’s involvement and chair/vice-chair roles on several key BWG committees and his involvement on the County committees of Land Planning, Regional Government Review and Affordable Housing have resulted in his having key perspectives on current local and regional issues and activities, leading to policies being implemented at both levels of government.

The Town will do well and continue to be well represented at Simcoe County with James as Mayor of BWG.”

Don Allen (CPA, CIRP, Trustee - Mayor Springwater Township).



“MiTek Canada fully endorses James Leduc for Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury in the 2022 elections.

Over the past 8 years and as president of MiTek Canada I have had many dealings with James in his position as Deputy Mayor. He has demonstrated a consistent commitment to the community along with strong leadership qualities throughout his tenure.

MiTek Canada is a proud employer within Bradford West Gwillimbury, and we value and appreciate the support that we have received from the municipality.

MiTek Canada strongly supports electing James Leduc as mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury and look forward to our continued partnership.


David Cattapan (President – MiTek Canada Inc.)



“I am endorsing James Leduc as BWG’s next Mayor. I believe James will help BWG continue its strong, positive growth and economic development.”

Sanjay Patel (Small Business Owner, Bradford)



“James is very kind and helpful. He has been in Bradford Ontario for quite a long time and likes to resolve problems in a Professional Way!”

Vivian Furlan (long-time resident of Bradford West Gwillimbury)



“Together we can work to maintain the charm that Bradford offers to all residents today, while simultaneously preparing our community for the future. I look forward to electing James Leduc as the next Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury.”




“I confidently endorse James Leduc for Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury. His 16 years experience as a member of Council working closely with the Simcoe County Council has given him deep knowledge and understanding of the issues facing Bradford West Gwillimbury.

As a volunteer with the Santa Claus Parade Committee and his many years as a member of the Bradford Lions Club, James has demonstrated his ability to work collaboratively with various organizations and levels of authority.

His approachability and his concern for issues within Bradford West Gwillimbury make him the best candidate, so please join me in support of James Leduc in his quest for the office of Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury.”

Bob Pegg



“As a successful prominent business woman in the community of BWG, I have to say that James Leduc has always been a great supporter whenever I've needed assistance from the town. He is a true leader backed by proven experience in his work with the community and in municipal politics.

James loves and supports Bradford West Gwillimbury 100%!”

Georgina Blyth



“I met James in 2000 where we became part of the team that worked on developing the next version of the BWG Santa Claus Parade. I learned of his commitment and love for the community overall ......20 plus years later we still work on that with a great group!

This friendship had led to us joining the Bradford Lions family and had some great experiences in looking at visions to help BWG and those that could benefit from Lion's support.

James has always looked at BWG as part of his family, sought office (16 + years now), gained an understanding of the political groundwork (at multiple levels) and will dedicate himself to ensuring the community is served with the highest standard ...... James Leduc is your choice as the next Mayor of BWG!”

Chuck Skitch



“As the son of the first Mayor of Bradford, I fully endorse James Leduc as the next Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury. With his experience, we are all in good hands and the future of BWG looks incredibly bright!”

Robin Evans



“James would be a great Mayor because of the experience he has had with being Deputy Mayor. Now let him put his knowledge to use and show what he can do!”

Cecil Fancy



“So glad to write this....

I am noticing several new names in the running for positions on Council, this approaching election.

A big thank you to our present Council for the very steady and good job they have done in the last two terms.

Much learning, dedication, and hard work is involved over a long period of time to become a really effective Member of Council.

I am endorsing James R Leduc, for Major because we need previous knowledge and experience to offer the stability necessary in these changing times.

James has worked his way up through the ranks of Council over many years of faithful steady hard work, and has the knowledge needed to make wise decisions.”

Faith Clark (BWG resident)

Thank you for making a big difference in the lives of my family James!
Steve G.
You are a winner!
Olga St-Pierre
I can't imagine anyone better!
Heather Bishop Haddon
You have my support James!
Justin Tucker
Nothing beats experience!
Dexter Fisher
You got it James!
Nino Tomizza
I am amazed at the level of dedication James demonstrates for his town and its residents every single day!
Jackie White
James has the experience and the right attitude to be a great mayor!
Damir Bersinic
You have my support James!
Justin Tucker
Nothing beats experience!
Dexter Fisher
James has our vote for sure!!!
Mia Liefso
Lots of fun canvassing for our future Mayor of Bradford James R Leduc !
Debb Duhamel
I have known Jaimie for a lifetime. A good friend, a hard worker, someone you can trust!
JoAnn O'Donnel
James was a Community Volunteer long before he ever thought about going into politics ... Dedicated Proven Leadership!
Steve Gauthier