Why You Should Vote For James

"Being a Good Man is something you do, not something you are." Luvvie Ajayi

About1Kindly allow me to introduce myself as a long-time resident, volunteer and the current Deputy Mayor for Bradford West Gwillimbury (BWG). Having served on council for the past sixteen years, I feel privileged to have served this wonderful community in those capacities and also well-positioned to continue the legacy that we’ve started ... building an even better Bradford!About2

I count myself fortunate to have raised my family here and to have been able to live in such an amazing community. As a volunteer with Santa Claus Parade Committee and the BWG Lions, I have had a chance to really see and feel the heart of the community. I feel blessed to call BWG home. Having said that, I have a vested interest in BWG. I endeavour to promote the prosperous growth of BWG while aligning necessary infrastructure changes to keep growth stable and manageable. We can’t stop it…but, we can properly “manage” it!

I believe strongly in fiscal responsibility … as taxpayers, you deserve to know that your hard earned dollars are serving you well. I believe strongly in transparency … as taxpaying citizens, you have the right to know what decisions are being made by elected officials on your behalf. I believe that BWG has something to offer everyone … from a housing perspective, from a recreational/social perspective and from an opportunity perspective. We are creating opportunities as we grow, so that individuals can live, work and play in their community!

About3When you spoke … we listened: relieve traffic congestion and commuting challenges, create affordable housing and recreational opportunities … and to that end we have achieved some quick wins and are continuing to work hard on solid plans that fully address each of these items. Just think of all that we can be accomplish with four more years!